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“Loose Lips Sink Ships”

Yes my friends,

HIPAA is the chastity belt for PHI

and the key has been well and truly thrown away!



Unfortunately, today we have to be overly conscious of everything we say and do especially when it comes to other people’s information.


Anyone worth their salt would already be practicing the art of confidentiality within the physician’s office and though it may seem somewhat insulting for this common courtesy and good business practice to become federally regulated and a legal mandate, you can’t help but congratulate the feds for stepping up to the plate and making sure our personal information stays just that.


As aggravating as it is with all the new forms we have to ask the patients to sign, and ask for patient consent when sending information to another doctors office, at least it’s going to clean the industry up.   I know your office is probably one of the most creditworthy there is for confidentiality, there are some out there across the nation that would make even the strongest man weak at the knees with their some-what rather “questionable” tactics.


PHI (protected health information) is anything that can identify a patient: name, address, phone number, social security number etc.


One can’t help but feel that we are now part of an elite military force as we are categorized in the “need to know” group!