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     At I.P.M.S. our staff is comprised of 40 years combined management experience with many years in the doctor's office both front, back, billing and collections.  The implied benefit of that experience (of having been on the other side of the fence) and how it could directly benefit you, the physician, is self explanatory.

     I.P.M.S. has gained a reputation as an invaluable resource for achieving goals.  This reputation is founded on principles of honesty and dedication, as well as commitment to excellence and to apply our expertise in order to:

  • Deliver what we promise
  • Achieve the highest quality standards
  • Meet deadlines
  • Listen to our client's needs

     At I.P.M.S. we pride ourselves on our work ethics and the ability to accomplish our work, utilizing high standards and professional courtesy at all times.


Practice Management:

     I.P.M.S. will guide and assist physicians coming out of residency or a group situation.  Setting up a practice can be very complicated and time consuming if not done properly.  Knowing which permits and licenses to attain; whether to be a sole practitioner or a corporation; the best location for an office; negotiating contracts; hiring staff etc. 

     I.P.M.S. also helps struggling practices to turnaround and become the successful, profitable practice they should be.

     Whether your practice is new or existing, I.P.M.S. will design a package to best suit your needs and your pocket.


Medical Billing:

     Our contracts are negotiable to suit each physicians needs. From complete billing to partial billing, our rates are extremely competitive especially for the amount of follow-up and customer service we provide.  Tell us what you want, and we will incorporate it into your package.


We Are HIPAA Compliant. 

     Our Service Agreement, Business Associate Agreement (utilized for third party billing companies) and Compliance Plan are:

HIPAA   .   CMA   .   AMA    Compliant